Diffused Nickel Plating

Diffused nickel plating (DNP) is becoming ever more popular with oil and gas companies as a means of providing enhanced corrosion protection in harsh environments. By incorporating the corrosion resistant properties of ENP with the added benefits of heat treatment to produce DNP, it is possible to extend the operational life of subsea components up to 40 years.

DNP is also specified within the automotive, marine and food industries due to its corrosion resistance and hardness properties compared with the high cost of manufacturing in stainless steel.

Nipro have gained approved vendor status with companies such as Baker Hughes - GE Oil & Gas, NOV Flexibles, Trelleborg Offshore, Petrobras and many others, either directly, or by providing a sub contract service through a third party.

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diffused Nickel Platers
diffused Nickel Plating
diffused Nickel Plating